Christy Starks - Vocals/Tambourine


Christy Starks (The Cute One)  Christy is the Lead Singer of the band.  Christy’s  smooth, sexy vocal style helps set this band apart from the crowd. She is hot enough to be a part-time model who dabbles in private investigation. But she’s not – instead she’s a part-time Avon Lady who spends all day watching reruns of Murder She Wrote.  Christy is new to the band scene but she has years of experience playing Sing Star, Rock Band and watching American Idol.

Kurt Starks - Vocals/Guitar/Bass

Kurt Starks (The Funny One):Kurt is the guitarist/songwriter and part-time stunt man who dabbles in private investigation. Kurt Starks is known as one of the best guitarist in the country having played with numerous famous artists and he is an accredited professor at the world famous Guitar Technical Institute in California.  Unfortunately, that Kurt Starks lives in Los Angeles and is not part of this band.  The Kurt Starks in this band has only played guitar for a couple of years and he is not very good at all.  But he tries real hard and damn he’s funny – I mean really funny, like piss your pants funny.  Plus, his parents bought all the PA equipment so the band pretty much had to let him join. Despite Kurt’s musical limitations he has started and been kicked out of several successful regional bands including Room Full of Walters, That Statue Moved and The Naughty Astronauts.  Note: Technically The Naughty Astronauts did not kick Kurt out of the band.  Kurt accidently kicked himself out when one day he stated “This band I quit”! He actually meant to say “This band I quite like”! But to avoid the embarrassment of admitting he misspoke he went ahead and quit anyway.

Shaun Ray - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Shaun Ray (The Smart One): Shaun is the lead guitarist and a part-time Bee Keeper who dabbles in private investigation. Shaun is known has the “smart one” but actually he’s not that smart at all.  Actually,  he’s really pretty dumb but he is way smarter than the rest of the band so he was named the “smart one” by default. Shaun has years of experience in the local music scene. He has played with some of the top regional bands including Flim @ Eleven and Lucky People.  

Ted Myers - Drums/Percussion

Ted Myers (The Young One): Ted is the Drummer and part-time lumber jack who dabbles in private investigation. Ted studied drums at  the famous University of Yoder Dame, home of the Fighting Amish. Ted has played in several top regional bands including Tornado Rose.